Friends Over: Wildflower hosts Garage Project

Education / Showcase

We are having our FriendsOver from Wellington, New Zealand to serve their beers and share in an evening of hospitality. We are opening our home to curate a list and environment akin to their home in Wellington.

1. Garage Project Muse - Barrel aged sour from GP Wild Workshop
2. Wildflower Gold Blend #14- Cellared, June 2018 release barrel aged golden Australian Wild Ale.
3. Garage Project Biere de Garage - Sour cherry farmhouse ale
4. Wildflower St Thomas - Australian wild ale refermented with sour cherries
5. Garage Project Hunny Bee - Collab with Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hopped saison w/ lavender honey
6. Wildflower Hive: Amber - Barrel aged golden wild ale refermented with Amber honey (pre- December release)
7. Garage Project Hippity Dippity Brett IPA from the GP Wild Workshop
8. Garage Project Tarata - Barrel aged sour using wild yeast from foraged Tarata flowers.
9. Wildflower Year Old 'Tah - Waratah 2017 left in barrel for 1 year before packaging (new release)
10. Garage Project BEER - Czech style Pilsner
11. Garage Project Desert Island Day Dream - Collab with Beachwood Brewing - An IPA w/ mango, passion fruit and pineapple
12. Wildflower Slip, Slop, Slap - Mixed culture biotransformation beer with Huell Melon.
13. Wildflower Waratah 2018 - Our annual 100% NSW beer (new release)

Food available from 5pm from local Marrickville sourdough vego Pizza Madre. 👌

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

11-13 Brompton St, Marrickville, NSW

Fri, November 02, 2018

3pm - 7pm


Admission is FREE


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